Family Zone

Become a Youth Ambassador!

JDRF is looking for kids with type 1 diabetes to be Youth Ambassadors. Youth Ambassadors often share their experiences of having diabetes. Youth Ambassadors serve in many ways, including:

– Being a corporate amabassador: Share your story and why a cure is so important with companies involved with JDRF

– Being a Ride Ambassador: JDRF’s Ride to Cure Diabetes is a very cool program with many people without a connection to type 1 fundraising for JDRF. Encourage your rider by sending notes or emails!

– Help with Booths/Health Fairs: JDRF is requested to be at many health fairs and we need kids to help promote our organization and share your experiences with diabetes.

For more information, click here! For the Youth Ambassador resume, click here!

Host a School Walk – If you want to help JDRF raise money this year, a great way to help is by having a school walk! School walks are a fun way to get your school involved in finding a cure for diabetes. If you’d like more information CLICK HERE!

School Advisory Toolkit – JDRF has a School Advisory Toolkit as part of an extensive program to increase the awareness of the special needs of children with type 1 diabetes in the classroom and to support parents and school administrators.All students with type 1 diabetes need a strong support network at school to help them properly manage their type 1 diabetes on a daily basis. Cultivating good relationships with school staff is key.

The JDRF School Advisory Toolkit helps parents and school personnel ensure that students with type 1 diabetes have the best possible school experience. The Toolkit was written by a retired school administrator who is also the parent of child with diabetes. As a result, it helps parents and school personnel understand each other’s points of view, as well as the needs of students with type 1 diabetes.

The School Advisory Toolkit includes:
-Practical information on everyday medical needs
-Helpful charts with information on low and high blood sugar symptoms
-Steps to prepare substitute teachers for students with type 1 diabetes
-Tear out sheets and sample tools for the classroom
-Real-life scenarios to help parents obtain a better understanding of schools’ legitimate concerns and needs when a student has type 1 diabetes

Click here to download the toolkit.

JDRF offers Family Mentor Program – As the Indiana State Chapter of JDRF looks to increase its outreach efforts, we are excited to offer a new program for area families. The Mentor Program matches families of similar background and experience together to offer support and understanding through life with type 1 diabetes. Our Parent Mentors are available for a variety of questions and/or concerns about living with type 1 diabetes.

JDRF Family Outreach Corner– The JDRF National Webpage ( has a lot of great tools for parents, kids, relatives and friends. They provide different newsletters and services to keep you up-to-date on the latest JDRF information. Please click on the links below to stay connected.

Also visit JDRF’s Publication page to subscribe and view the latest newsletters and learn what other printed material is available.