Ride to Cure Diabetes

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JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes – The Experience of a Lifetime!

Ride Informational Nights

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 Location TBD

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Location TBD

Come meet our 2015 ride coach, fellow riders and learn about our 2015 rides.

About the Ride to Cure
As our veteran riders will attest, there are few experiences more rewarding than the Ride to Cure Diabetes. It is a test of will, endurance, and most importantly, heart. When you are pedaling those final miles before reaching the finish line to the sound of a cheering crowd, it is not your legs that keep you moving, but your heart… and the determination you have to find a cure for diabetes.

You can join the Indiana Cure Chasers and over 1000 other riders as they pedal toward a cure for their loved ones, friends and Youth Ambassadors who are battling the every day trials of living with diabetes!

In 2015, Team Indiana will be celebrating its 15th year participating in the Ride to Cure Diabetes!

Ride challenges can be completed in 30, 62, or 100 mile bike courses. By joining, you are able to attend special team activities such as the Ride Kick-Off Party, Social Events, Send-Off Party, and Welcome Back party and you also have exclusive access to special training sessions.

The Ride to Cure is a fundraising program where each rider has a fundraising goal for their ride. Upon meeting the fundraising goal, there is very little left to do besides train. That’s because JDRF will provide everything for the Ride weekend. JDRF takes care of all the ride details so riders can spend the weekend exploring the ride destination, preparing for the ride, and enjoying the experience of a lifetime.

Approximately one week before the Ride, bikes will be transported for free to the Ride to Cure site. Two days before the Ride – JDRF will fly riders for free from an airport near their home to the ride destination. A bus will then take the group directly to their hotel after a quick stop at a grocery store for last-minute snacks and supplies. All riders are invited to a welcome dinner the evening of their arrival. Free lodging and meals are offered for the three days at the ride site.

Riders can choose an Event Package for some rides, requiring riders to provide their own transportation for themselves and their bike in return for a lower fundraising requirement.

About our captains:

Coach Sam Scahill -Cure Chaser Since 2004

Sam rides in honor of her daughter who was diagnosed with T1D at 18 months old. She has been participating in the Ride to Cure since 2004 and joined the Indiana Cure Chasers team again in 2010. She unofficially joined the coaching staff of the Indiana Cure Chasers in 2012 and became a USA Cycling (USAC) level 3 certified coach in 2013.

Coach Michael Schwab -Cure Chaser Since 2007

Michael began his relationship with the JDRF ride team in 2004 when he and his band Blaq Lily founded the Beta Cell Bash to support the ride team in their efforts to raise money to fund a cure for Type 1 diabetes. A type 1 diabetic himself since 1973 it was a cause close to his heart. With the breakup of his band in November 2006 Michael joined the ride team to continue supporting the JDRF in their efforts. In 2010 he became the coach for the Cure Chaser Ride team and currently holds a USA Cycling (USAC) level 2 *D certification.

Announcing the 2015 Ride to Cure Diabetes Schedule

Burlington, VT July 23-26
La Crosse, WI August 13-16
Lake Tahoe, CA September 11-14
Death Valley, CA October 15-18
Hincapie Gran Fondo, SC October 22-25
Nashville, TN October 29- November 1
Tucson, AZ November 19-22

To reserve your ride spot, please contact Melissa Fanning at 317.308.4964 or by e-mail at mfanning@jdrf.org.