Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers and staff work together to create some of the most dynamic and integral teams of JDRF. Even a small amount of your time can benefit our chapter and JDRF’s greater mission of finding a cure for diabetes. At the Indiana State Chapter, we are fortunate to have several dedicated volunteers who contribute immeasurably to the success of JDRF’s fundraising efforts. Opportunities for volunteer work are listed below. If you are interested in any of these positions, please call Joyce Lawson, JDRF Office Manager at 317-308-4933 or jlawson@jdrf.org. You may also complete the Volunteer Agreement and Application at the bottom of this page and mail it to the JDRF office to the attention of Joyce Lawson.

  • For opportunities with the Northern Indiana Branch Office, contact Kurt Mikel at 574-344-4252 or at kmikel@jdrf.org.
  • Office volunteers: Clerical and administrative workers are needed in the JDRF office at any time and on any day between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. These positions include duties such as entering information into the JDRF database, answering the telephone and preparing mailings.*
  • Event Committee Volunteers: A limited number of volunteers for the Walk to Cure Diabetes and the Promise Gala are needed to perform event-focused work, including making arrangements for food, decorations, entertainment, publicity, and corporate solicitation.
  • Event Day Volunteers: A small number of workers are needed to assist with the Walk and Gala events, helping with registration, food distribution, and auction management.
  • JDRF Publicity/Outreach Volunteers: Workers are needed to help deliver public-relations material, to distribute Bags of Hope to local hospitals, clinics, and retail outlets and to mentor newly diagnosed patients and their families.

* Mailings: Volunteers can also work from home on various tasks such as mailings by stuffing envelopes and placing labels and stamps on envelopes. Mailings are a perfect way to contribute your time and energy to a vital communication tool for JDRF without leaving your home. Volunteers can either pick up the mailing materials from the JDRF office or coordinate delivery through the JDRF office by calling Joyce Lawson at 317-308-4933.

Mentors: Volunteers are needed who are eager to share their experiences of living and coping with Type 1 diabetes with those who are newly diagnosed. Training is provided. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please complete our online application below. Our previously scheduled January 16th and 20th Mentor Open Houses have been postponed. Please stay tuned for the rescheduled dates. In the interim, if you are interested in serving as a mentor, please complete the Volunteer Agreement and Application below.

Click below to access our Volunteer Agreement and Application!

Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Application