Heroes for a Cure Promise Gala Hero: Kyle Vassilo

VassiloMore than a game.

There once was a time, not too long ago, when kids diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes were discouraged from playing sports, especially sports like football. But today, you find more and more athletes like Kyle, tackling his disease head one. Much like his professional athlete heroes, such as Jay Cutler and Anthony Gonzales, this Cathedral High School Junior isn’t going to let Type 1 diabetes stop him from taking the field.

Diagnosed at 15 months, Kyle has lived with Type 1 his whole life. And similar to other kids, he has had to accept a greater role of responsibility for his life, and step up to the task—like any good player. Although Type 1 hasn’t affected his play, it has impacted another aspect of his life. “It has really helped me with math and adding up all the carbs and everything.”